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LOL...the first clip when Sho screwed up his face, he was so damn cute! And the nino/jun thing was so cute..haha! and I replayed it to realise the middle jury guy was yamapi!

the second clip was hilarious! Sho was so..small! Hahaha..the both of them were so lame and cute..when I saw Jun at the last bit, I was suddenly reminded of my brother! similar geeky grins!


Yamapi's in like almost every single jr. video I've ever watched, haha.

ah, the second clip. I could never get used to seeing Sho so small, no matter how many times I watch him like that. Would love to see clips of similarly chibi Nino/Aiba/Ohno..but those would either be non-existent or rare, considering how they're early bloomers as compared to Sho/Jun.


omgawd. the first clip!!

nino/jun was so cute! Nino whacked Jun's head at the beginning & realised he hit him too hard I think, but then he kept on slapping Jun's behind while he was talking! The real Do S. The victory hug~ <3 Chibi MatsuMiya

Sho~ <3 I would fangirl him if I knew him back then. So lovely & tiny with pointy chin & hamster teeth.. nyaaaaaaaaa~


hahaha long before Nino's hands found their place on Ohno's butt, there was Jun's.  -___-


Ha ha, you find the best youtube clips. Do you
have a particular search method or do you gaily go where they lead you? When I do
look at youtube I do the latter which is probably why I never manage to see
anything real interesting.

Those costumes! That
last frame
of Charlie Chaplin Sho and Sailor Moon Jun walking into the sunset
together--well, into the backdrop of Tokyo Tower-- is cuteness. And why
are they all
wearing pyjamas in the courtroom. It is like a naughty dream. 


haha I just click on other people's playlists...and click...and click...
I have so many favourite videos on youtube that I would love to share but I think it would be considered spam if I post.

psst just for you because you caught me in the middle of a very intense youtube-addiction phase (or poke me back if you've seen this before! -_-):

excellent monomane of SMAP & Tokio:


Hahaha! Thanks for hte link, the SMAP monomane was so funny, they deserved to win. They really had the speaking and singing voices spot on. (Too on, scary on). The My Boss My Hero one was not bad too, but that pudding running scene in its original form is already so OTT that it is hard to really parody it successfully.

I totally think you should do a youtube spam, in fact, even a "monthly highlights" of the best videos you've seen on youtube. I'm sure others besides myself would be glad for such links to the good stuff.


Yes the SMAP one was so spot-on it was scary! Really have to hand it them monomane artistes. I'm always in awe how they all manage to more-or-less resemble the artistes they're imitating, both in appearance and voice/behaviour. 

There are other performances from the same Monomane Battle show of Kinki Kids, KAT-TUN etc. (but honestly SMAP was the ultimate!) go click around if you're interested!

Thanks, I'll compile videos in a post if I find enough worthy ones :) glad you like.


Hey thanks for the links! I had to click on them despite the bandwidth
lol. I love their Jr moment, they're all ridiculously cute! And I
really enjoy that Nino/Jun moment too, battle of the chibi-DoS:
Nino>Jun ? lol
Btw I notice that chibi-Nino doesn't look much different from the current Nino...


Nino doesn't age, does he? He looked 20 when he was 10 and he looks 10 when he's 23! haha he probably reached puberty early and then somehow found the elixir of youth after that. Jun and Sho in comparison have changed alot cos' their growth spurts came later I think? ahh.

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