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You've heard it already? Yeay... that 24 year old munchkin sounded so cute ne? eien no juu nana sai~

Adoi, he speaks too fast!


Hi Gwen. I did this hurriedly, so I might have made some mistakes:

Nino, why are you that refreshing?
It must be because of your parents.

Nino, why are you that cheerful?
It must be because of your family.

Nino, why are you loved by the children?
It must be because they think you're the same mental age as them.

Nino, why are you a hit with the young ladies?
It must be because you don't give off a sense of danger.

Nino, why are you liked by the elderly people like Clint Eastwood?
It's because you act overly familiar, and are shameless.

Nino, why are you able to do such natural and relaxed acting?
It's obviously because you don't think of people as people.

Nino, why is it that when you're silent, you look like you're in the midst of some profound sorrow?
It's probably because you shrewdly recognize that it's pointless to ponder deeply, and so end up thinking of nothing.

Nino, why do you give an impression of cleanliness?
Surely, it must be because you've come to do a lot of vile things skillfully in secret.

That's fine. Like that, honestly, casually, taking it easy, come and
grow old to be my age quick. I think you're going to be a philosophical
old man.

Kuramoto So


THANK YOU SO MUCH Huxley! maybe post this on your vox? ;)

Kuramoto has read his personality very well, gosh...
Especially the part about Nino shrewdly recognising that it's pointless to ponder deeply.


[this is good] I just finished listening to Baystorm! aah yappari Love Letter from
Kuramoto-sensei da ne! He seems to be genuinely fond of Nino and able
to read into his personality really well, and I think Nino is already a
very philosophical person at his age =) And thanks Huxley for the
translation as I couldn't hear some part properly ^^


Thanks for the translation Huxley. And yes I agree with Gwen, you have to post this in your vox. When I read it I was thinking, ah, it's great to be a writer (or an old man writer to be precise), to be able to write such incisive + evocative truths is really something!


Thanks Gwen for asking out loud the translation of what Kuramoto sensei said! XD

Thanks Huxley for the translation!  You really should post this on your vox blog.

I am speechless.  I don't know what to say except there is truth in all the ironies he wrote.  He knows Nino inside-out and I don't know why but I feel teary-eyed all of a sudden...


Hurrah for Huxley!!! or 'Banzai'? hehe~ thanx a lot for the trans... I've always find it interesting to know what the elders have to say when it comes to Nino... perhaps Kuramoto-san is being reminded by his young self?


Thanx again Huxley!^^ 


thanks hxley!

that was a good poem.. 

quite true isnt it? haha...

its quite funny when you first heard it..maybe the reason y nino was laughing while he was reading it.. 



Thanks guys, although I don't think I did justice to the original. Gwen, hope you don't mind that I posted it here...I was drawn by your "desperately", and it didn't occur to me to post it on my own Vox. ^^;


haha so it was my 'desperately'? aye...abit embarrassed by that now!
Thank you, once again. Yay for desperate cry-outs! hope I don't make that a habit from now on. (curb me if I do)

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