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Takeshi!!! Can't believe he's still as hot now, as he was 15 years ago. And still looks like he's in his 20s! I'd love to hear him sing live, with tht hot husky voice of his. XD Thanks, Gwen dear, I missed my Takeshi. (wish I had my Takeshi photo card thing from around 1993 with me right now...)

aah, the kome kmoe club performance was from SMAPxSMAP which aired on monday. i remember watching that bit. it was a very recent performance yo! =)

how are you these days? everything ok?


*faints* another Takeshi fan...i was playing the video with my friend next to me and she kept on squealing. LOL
Did you watch Confession of Pain, the movie he was in with Tony Leung? 2006 I think...

Nothing much going on...uni as usual. Uni is boring.
Don't mind me disappearing from time to time, I tend to lurk alot when I'm busy =P Your semester resumes tomorrow right?


I found the song really familiar even before Ohno sang it ... still can't figure it out! Don't think it's because of Takeshi Kaneshiro though XD

Kome Kome Club performed this song on SMAPxSMAP a week ago and I thought it was quite nice too ^^


didn't you hear my squeals? XD

i haven't had a chance to. but i've been watching and re-watching golden bowl (2003? can't remember, it's the drama he was in with kuroki hitomi) and melting over and over again to just that sound of his voice. his looks...they kill me. XD

yeah. it resumes tml, and i'm not ready. i've been doing a bit of disappearing myself, actually, and it'll probably continue too. vox is just too distracting.


[this is good] thanks gwen1! oh gosh major nostalgia!!! I love love love kome kome club!! (showing my age now xDDD) I remember this song!! and the chinese one too heheh. where is 金城武 these days I wonder?


haha most likely you heard the song somewhere on another show? I have no idea why I even know the chinese song either, or that it was sung by him. Quite certain I wasn't listening to the radio in 1993!

1993! Kindergarten 2. XDD

Were the two Kome Kome Club performances on SMAPxSMAP in the same episode?


1993 is 15 years ago ... sounds much scarier that way! XD

The YouTube clip isn't from SMAPxSMAP ... I'm guessing Bokura no Ongaku or something ... not sure :P I'm quite sure they sang "Kimi ga Iru Dake de" in a medley with SMAP before but last week's was just "Roman Hikou" ... I'll see if I can find it :)


ah Golden Bowl, I've watched that! Just a couple of episodes here and there though cos' it was airing on some weird late-night timeslot on a school day.. Can't quite remember it already...not really a Takeshi fan haha.


He was in Confession of Pain in 2006 with your beloved Tony Leung, did you watch that? I keep on wanting to...the storyline sounds interesting enough.


making movies. he's making movies. big tw movie star, he is. the only reason i watched house of flying daggers was coz he was one of the main stars. how very shallow of me. XD


ah ok...let me know if you find it! It'll be interesting to see SMAP sing Kimi ga iru dake de too. currently on a roll with this song ^^


he's another ikemen i keep an eye on. i have lots of eyes. XD

golden bowl made me want to go bowling massively. and it is a wish yet to be satisfied. *sigh*


I should be commenting on the song but I gotta say that I've always liked Takeshi Kaneshiro!  Haha! ^_^

I've admired Tony Leung and Andy Lau way before but everytime Takeshi's with them, it's him that I notice.  I even endured "Turn Left, Turn Right" because of him. XD  


Haha yet another Takeshi fan!
I've never even watched "Turn Left, Turn Right" even though I've been meaning to for the last 5 years. I'm serious! Every time someone happens to bring up the movie, I go "oh! I still haven't watched it, I will soon" and I just never do...Not enough motivation...haha. Plus I heard it was over-rated?


Oh the clip of Kome Kome Club singing the song is really good!!

*cough* Takeshi Kaneshiro not really my..nian dai..xPP but I did watch him in "Turn Left, Turn Right". I have to say...okay lah. :x *hides from Takeshi fans*


I kind of think he's okay only lah...hahahhaa we can hide together XDDD

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