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Zai' Dayz

Nice! Nino should make his own version for Baystorm. It's been a while too. The last one was Kiseki right? Now that his drama is over, maybe he'll have more time though I 'm quite sure he'd rather play games or practice magic.


amazing! this is really good! ye, I hope Nino creates his own version!


ACOUSTIC! I like :D I like how this person took the song and sang it his own way. And yeah, it'd be really great if Nino does one too :)


I find this version calming.  What if each member does an acoustic version of their fave Arashi song?  I'm sure it's released as a CD, it would sell like hotcakes. XD  


This is really cool, i hope Arashi can watch this too then Nino will make an acoustic cover ^^
the guy who sang it here, in a certain angle, kinda looks like Aiba...maybe its the hair


Glad you all loved this too..this version's really nice too huh? :) Yes! Time for a new song on Baystorm, Nino! Hope the listeners guess the answer correctly this month...I think I will scream if Nino really does an acoustic version of Beautiful days too, haha. We shall see....^^

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